For years now, I’ve been told to start a food blog. Though I upload photos on other social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, I suppose an outlet for my raw, unbiased, and detailed opinions will help my foodie friends better identify with the foods I eat and the places I visit.

By no means is any of my content intended to bash businesses or their chefs if a criticism is involved, as I am merely a self proclaimed foodie.

Because I’m starting this food blog later than I’ve wanted, (I’ve obviously been pondering the conception of this blog for a while) I want to start with a few experiences I’ve had within the past few months.

Follow me on this journey of gluttony, and enjoy 😊

Just as an FYI

Hometown = 40 mile radius of Metro Detroit area

Love at first bite = Newly discovered restaurant, first time adventure

Obsessed & Addicted = Frequently visited restaurant

Hit It & Quit It = Been there, done that; no need for another visit

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