Chicago: Mindy’s Hot Chocolate

On our most recent trip to Chicago, my husband found a quaint brunch spot.

Walking down the street, you will notice that the neighborhood quickly turns hipster.  The patio was open on this day in April, and you can hear awesome 2000’s hip hop playing upon walking in.

Big Pimpin” by JayZ was blasting on our arrival; thumbs up for that.  Overall, this place was cool, but I wouldn’t recommend it for the food.

We made the mistake of filling up on heavy brunch dishes, and not leaving enough room for what this place is known for: the hot chocolate.  I know, I know.  Who goes to a place called “Hot Chocolate” and then doesn’t order hot chocolate?  Guilty.



We did, however, order some cold brewed coffee; pretty smooth and delicately prepared.




Mac N Cheese
Eh.  Good.  Super duper rich.  I dare not go as far as calling it great, or fantastic by any means.



Avocado Toast
Wait, did I pay $13 for a miniature garden on a piece of dry toast?  The fuck was I thinking?

Albeit it was beautifully presented, but TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT.  The eggs could have used 1 less minute of cooking, and the avocado spread would have benefited from some sea salt.  The strawberries and floral accoutrements added flavors that I was not particularly fond of, and the spouts took too much away from the avocado taste.

Overall, it was an artistic spin on basic avocado toast….but that’s it.



Pork Belly Stir Fry
I’ll tell you, we were not expecting fried rice. The pork belly did not have the satisfying taste of grilled or smoked pork belly, but merely tasted like any old piece of pork.  My heart cried with disappointment. It was extremely salty, with no evident star or focus for the dish.  Had they added some Gochujang, it could easily be mistaken for (bad) Bibimbap.


I guess I didn’t realize this review was going to be negative until I wrote it.  Oh well.  This place is awesome as a beverage place to chill with friends….or blind dates…but not on my recommendation list for brunch.


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