Frita Batidos

I had a bunch of France posts lined up, but I’ve been too lazy to finish them.

My husband and I went to Ann Arbor on Sunday, where we finally ate at Frita Batidos…a little “Cuban” joint that we’ve been wanting to try for a while.

“Cuban inspired” burgers. I ordered a chorizo “Frita” and made it “loco”….which means all the toppings (egg, Guac, salsa, etc) sans bacon.
It was entirely too big for my mouth. ::That’s what she said::

They gave my husband a fork and knife, but no utensils for me…what do I look like, a Barbarian? I guess I eat like one too.

How was it? Yea, it was “good”…but probably not something I would crave.

I also got a sangria and their cilantro garlic fries…. those fries are definitely something I would crave. They were like CRACK.




As you can see from my face, this burger was HUUUUGE and quite difficult to eat. Overall, it was okay.  Would I ever go back?  Probably not.

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