NYC: The Nomad

Our last foodie spot from our most recent NYC trip was brunch at The Nomad.  It is a beautiful hotel, where we had the pleasure of sitting right in front of Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods!  He was literally sitting behind my husband during our meal, and I would sneak a glance every now and then. I wanted so badly to snap a photo with him, but he was having some pretty intense conversations with his guest…who happened to look like Adam Richman from Man vs Food….I can’t be sure, as I didn’t get a full look at his face, but in any case, I was absolutely star struck!

The food here was good…not the best I’ve had, but the service was appalling.  It took close to 45 minutes after ordering to get ANYTHING from the kitchen.



Here’s a prime example of our bad service….they let my poached egg overcook.  Not runny at all.  When I said something, they were miraculously able to get us a new egg within minutes.  Bizarre, because I had waited 45 minutes for the first mess of an egg to arrive.

Had it not been for that, this would have exceeded my love for Selden Standard’s pork hash.  The shallot marmalade, and all the components, were really delicious.  Good amount of salt, spice, and a tinge of sweetness, made this dish nearly perfect.   Emphasis on the ‘nearly”.


This pasta dish was super rich and decadent.  Great sauce, chewy pasta, and a very well cooked ragu.  Wish it came with more pasta!  Something in this meal messed up my stomach, and I suspect it was this pasta. Be weary of this buttery sauce!  It was so delicious, I may have over consumed it.


Um….where’s the foie?  I was expecting so much more from this.  I don’t know if they just missed the foie, or their menu lied….the chicken with the black truffle was good.  It was tender, well cooked, well seasoned…but at the end, it was just a piece of white chicken with sprinkled black truffle sitting in between bread.  Impressed?  Not really.


Nothing here was audaciously delicious.  Nothing captivated my intrigue on a level that I would rave about.  As you probably noticed, I didn’t have too much to say in this entry, as there wasn’t quite a “wow” factor.

Yes, the place was nice, and I suppose it’s fine if you’re looking to drop a Benjamin on some bullshit fancy food, but was it worth it?  Absolutely not. Completely overrated.  Albeit, it is chic enough for Andrew Zimmern, but I’m sure he was able to order from a special menu.

You’re better off heading over to Beauty & Essex for brunch. [See my first NYC blog entry HERE for that review]

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