Hit It & Quit It: Bad Brad’s BBQ

The options for BBQ in the Metro Detroit area are very limited.  Anytime someone tries to recommend a good BBQ joint to me, it’s almost always Union Woodshop in Clarkston or Slows BBQ in Detroit.

I’m sorry to say it, but neither of those places impress me. So, my search continues….

I had seen a lot of great reviews and photos on Instagram of Bad Brad’s and was curious to try it out.  They have multiple locations around the east side; a few weeks ago we decided to head to their Shelby location on 23 and Mound.

Though the wings and ribs were fabulous, not much else was. The ribs alone were leaps and bounds above any other BBQ place in the area, and for that, I’d highly recommend stopping in. For everything else….eh.


Sample appetizer: ribs, candied bacon, chicken wings


“Spicy” sauce was the best…”321″ tasted like apples, sweet was WAAAAY too sweet, and “sour” tasted like vinegar.


Blurry photo of the wings, but they were delicious!  Great crispy skin and really juicy, tender meat.


The candied bacon kind of tasted like frosted flakes…SUUUPPPERRR SWEEETT.
I initially wanted to come here JUST FOR THIS.  I had heard so many great reviews of the candied bacon, and was hoping it would satiate my love of bacon AND my love of sweets. I am a bacon addict.

Just one bite and I was overwhelmed.  The sweetness wasn’t what I had expected; it was sugar coated….coated to death.  I suppose that’s what I get for ordering “pig candy”, but I was soooo hoping for something with better technique!  Not diabetes!  Far too sweet for our liking.  My husband couldn’t eat more than 2.

What’s funny is, I took leftovers home thinking the food would taste better the next day…..LOL. The bacon got soooooo soggy it was literally like eating soggy frosted flakes (yes, I had to taste it to find out).  GROSS.


Ribs were fall off the bone…amazing; great flavor, great texture, the whole nine yards.
If we had stopped after this appetizer, I probably would have labeled this entry as “love at first bite”.  The ribs and wings were cooked so well, and the bacon was so unique, my husband and I were ready to dub this the best barbecue in Metro Detroit.

We made the mistake of wanting more; our hunger and yearning lead to their demise.



Sliders…meh.  There was absolutely nothing special about the sliders at all.  The chips, however, were definitely addicting.  Probably the best “side” they have to offer are these wonderful BBQ chips.


Pulled pork, pork sausage, mac n cheese, and beans.  In the foil was flour tortilla.

The sides were atrocious. The mac n cheese tasted like crap [you’d be better off eating some Kraft easy mac]  I took one bite and left it.  The beans tasted like burnt plastic. WTF?  It was a disgrace.  Need I say more?

The sausage was spicy, and probably the best thing on that tray; pulled pork was okay, a tad dry, but nothing out of the ordinary.

The first half of our meal was great!  But was that enough to continue falling in love with the place?  Nope….that love came to a screeching halt when the entrees came.

Maybe if I go back and only order ribs and wings I’ll change my mind…..but I would, without a doubt, be going there risking mediocrity all over again.

No thanks.

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