Obsessed and Addicted: Grove

Happy lunar new year!

I wanted to start this year of the monkey on a good note. What better way than to finally reveal my most beloved restaurant?
If love, quality, excellence, and deliciousness could be summed up in one word, one restaurant, it is Grove.

Since discovering this quaint little restaurant in Grand Rapids, my husband and I try to visit a few times a year JUST to dine there.  We are so in love with this magnificent institution, we went for both our birthdays last year.

I’m not even going to write a description of my experience per dish like I normally do.  I cannot articulate how well executed every dish, every flavor profile, and every ingredient is at this restaurant.

Their wait staff is superb. Every one is trained in articulating each dish and to answer any questions you have, and you don’t have to worry about having to ask for things multiple times or receiving food that has been sitting out for a gross amount of time. They do a great job with their staffing. (I hope I don’t jinx it)

The best part?  Our recent meal included 7 dishes (including free dessert for my husband’s birthday), we were in and out within an hour, and our bill was under $100.

Spectacular food, fast service, AND cost conscious!?  SCORE!

Everything, EVERY SINGLE THING on their menu is so thoughtfully prepared, and so perfectly cooked.

I’m finally ready to share my obsession and addiction with the world…..








Here are pictures from our previous trips there….I can’t recall the majority of the dishes, but as you can tell, their menu items change seasonally.

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