Obsessed and Addicted: Mabel Gray

My Mabel Gray adventure continues…

Where do I start?

On the eve of Saturday November 28th (yes, I’m a little late in publishing this) , we dined in with my best friend and her husband to celebrate her birthday. We were super excited to have dinner there again because the experience we had the first time was superb.

I know I tend to use a select few adjectives quite often….namely, “perfect”, “phenomenal”, “amazing”.  I try to change it up sometimes, but it’s rather hard.  Just trust when I use those words, it means whatever I’m trying to describe is spectacular!



So with us being foodies, we decided to order everything on the menu.
That is, everything with the exception of the soup and the beets, with a double order of the pork belly.  That’s 10 plates, plus 2 desserts.

We considered the tasting menu, which would only feature 8 dishes,  but the math on 12 plates actually somehow made more sense.


Myself and the birthday girl [happy bday Peej!] #messyhairdontcare

Our husbands deciding on their drinks.


Honey crisp Apple Kimchi.  So happy they kept this on the menu from the previous time we dined there. The apple is so sweet and crunchy (hence the name, duh) and works so well with the Korean spice, it was a great way to introduce our friends to our new favorite restaurant.

Poached pear with prosciutto….the concept sounded fantastic, and I really thought I would enjoy it…but there was something a tad off about it to me.  The sweet and salty worked well, but there was a surprise component that really threw me off.  I still can’t put my finger on it, but if this ever shows up on the menu again, I will more than likely avoid it.

Michigan pork belly with orange marmalade and soba noodles….so this was interesting because the same accompaniments were used on the duck confit we had last time.  This combination might actually work well with any source of protein, and was exceptionally delicious with the pork belly.  Yum.


Octopus a la plancha…WOWWWWW.  All 4 of us agreed that this is some of the best octopus we’ve ever had.  Perfectly cooked, with a perfect char on both the tentacle as well as the onions, great spice and saltiness….it just completely blew us away.  You can see the depth of Chef Rigato’s technique through many of his dishes, but this was a great show case for what his capabilities are.

Empanadas.  Good, delicious, nothing spectacular.  I know a great empanada when I taste one…does this take the cake?  Nah….and this probably won’t be making it onto future menus anyway.  It was in no way memorable.  Yea, the queso with the avocado smear and that au jous was a delicious combination, but you’re better off going to Mexican town in Detroit for a completely out of this world experience.


Mussels. The mussels themselves were plump and juicy.  The broth had a great spice, and amazing flavor.  The grains were unnecessary and kind of got in the way of the mussels to be honest…would have loved to replace it with some nice French or Italian bread. Great overall dish.

Lamb melt.  SOOOO FUCKING GOOD. The lamb was super juicy, and not gamey.  This was definitely a unanimous top pick for our table.

Rib Eye…it was so big, I don’t think we were able to finish the whole thing.  It was super rich and decadent….and with it being presented in the latter half of our night, we were so delighted with all the other dishes that we hadn’t quite saved enough room for more meat.

Brussel Sprouts. Sadly, this was the worst executed dish of the night.  The egg and the gravy did the sprouts no justice.  Now, my friends and I are HUGE brussel sprout fans, and we are used to them being prepared a certain way…fried or roasted to a crisp, with a balsamic glaze and nuts and bacon….so maybe we were a tad hasty in our decision to dub this a sub par dish, but it had us quite disappointed to say the least.

Though the whole meal left us completely full and filled with happiness, we had to makeup for the last dish (the brussel sprouts) leaving a bad taste in our mouths, so of course we got dessert!

We ordered Xtina’s pie du jour and the cinnamon brulee.

Even though we barely had enough room in our stomachs for the rib eye, we were after all,  celebrating a birthday! And I am happy to say that ordering those desserts was the perfect ending to our top notch meal.


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