NYC: 2nd City & Bao Haus

Wandering around NYC looking for some quick Asian street food?  Check these places out.

2nd City
This is fusion done right.

The calamansi-ade they have is MIND BLOWING.  It is sweet and citrusy without being too sour.  Super refreshing, especially the weekend I was there with excessive heat warnings of over 100 degrees farenheit.

The Plan B-Rito has Filipino longanisa stuffed into a very hearty hangover cure of a breakfast burrito.  Potatoes, eggs, cheese, ham, salsa….I mean, come on…what more can you ask for!?

Poke bowl was ordinary.  It tasted as it is intended to: light and fresh.

Ube icecream.  A staple in Filipino culture.  Delicious, sweet, creamy goodness.



Bao Haus

I chose this as my birthday lunch while I was visiting NYC this past August.

If you are at all familiar with Eddie Huang, or the show “Fresh Off The Boat” on ABC, this is his restaurant! #taiwanesepride

They specialize in (my favorite), BAO!  Which are delicious little sandwiches that consist of meat of your choice, surrounded by fluffy steamed bread pillows.


My husband and I both ordered a “hainanese dumpling” bao, the “birdhaus” bao, and the “chairman” bao.

We were still hungry so we went back for another order of the “birdhaus” fried chicken bao….so delicious!

Simple, scrumptious, affordable, whats not to love?

This is probably the last entry of 2016……



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