NYC: Toro

On my recent trip to New York back in August, I had found this interesting restaurant in the heart of Chelsea.  It had amazing reviews across the board; everything from salivating photos on social media, to tripadvisor, google, and yelp!  I HAD to try it.

It is literally right down the street from my beloved Chelsea Market. All the plates are generally sharable, and all are Spanish inspired.


Erizos Con Caviar: caviar, sea urchin and quail egg spoon with Iberico Jamon.

Basically, luxury food in a spoon. Does it taste as good as it sounded?  Not bad, but not quite.  In hindsight, I should have saved myself $20 and not ordered it.

Corazon: smoked beef heart with romesco on toast.

My husband ordered this.  It was reminiscent of the beef tongue we had in Toronto…delicious.

Jamon De Pato: aged duck ham.

I’ve had Duck prosciutto and smoked duck in various ways in the past….this was not so impressive.

Pulpo: Galician octopus with potatoes and charred onions.

WOW. Probably my favorite dish of the night. Perfectly cooked octopus, with a great savory, and well pronounced flavor.

Setas: roasted mushrooms with a farm egg.

Tasted like your run of the mill sautéed buttery mushrooms, but on steroids.  These were DELICIOUS.

Gambas Al Ajillo: griddled garlic shrimp with Cascabel chillies.

Beautifully cooked prawns.  Super rich, garlicy, spicy, incredible.  I wish these were in a larger portion!

marinated hanger steak with Cabrales blue cheese butter.

Alright, so I didn’t particularly like the blue cheese butter…I would say on the opposite spectrum, I actually have an immense distaste for it…but the steak was so perfectly cooked and well seasoned, that I can’t really be mad about it.  I just ate around the blue cheese.  By this course, we were SOOOOO stuffed, I couldn’t move anymore.

Overall, this place was decent.  Everything was executed well per the description in the menu, and there was a lot of unique and trendy food offered. The price wasn’t bad, and you definitely get an interesting spanish flare to otherwise basic dishes.


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